So What Is This All About?

The human mind is very similar, in a particular way, to a software program we purchase: Let’s say there are 5 different levels / price points available: If we purchase the very basic one, for the lowest price, and then decide to upgrade to a more advanced version, we do not need to re-load the software, all we do is purchase a new “key” and enter it into the program and it will  perform as the more advanced version.
This implies that ALL the versions are included in the basic package we installed, all that is required is a “key” to “upgrade” to a more advanced version.
Our minds are created in the same way…

The “key” for us, humans, to go to the next level, is what many religions call “The Messiah”. And don’t be mistaken, there is no smoke without a fire… But what those religions don’t know is that the Messiah has always been here, and all we need is a “key” to open our minds and eyes to see… and this is what we will be doing HERE… And if I am right even on 15% of my theories and assumptions this will be the most visited site in the world…

The meaning of From Slavery to Partnership is the change that will occur in our relationship with the Creating Force after our “upgrade”.