Navigating life’s lanes.

Lanes on the road of life are arranged from best to worst, or top to bottom. We are always in a lane and they are constantly changing. When we are in a good lane, all the lanes surrounding us are also good, so we feel like we are in the “flow.” On the flip side, if we are in a bad lane, we jump from one unfortunate event to the next and feel like we have “bad luck.” How do the lanes switch on us? This is a heavily discussed topic, but the gist of it is that positive thinking moves us up while negative thoughts move us down. Today I want to talk about two specific situations that cause us to move: situations that are so engrained into our daily routines that we are rarely explicitly aware of them.


  • Example One: You see somebody you really don’t like, but they don’t see you. Your mind starts going through its inventory of negative attributes you’ve created around this person. You judge them and sentence them and feel great about it… But you have, in actuality, just moved down a whole bunch of lanes.


  • Example Two: You are driving at the speed limit and are overtaken by a car going really fast. The driver is careless – they are crossing solid lines and cutting other drivers off like there’s no tomorrow. What happens in your mind? Well, you might envision a police cruiser chasing this driver, impounding their car and teaching them a good lesson. It feels satisfying, but yet again, you have just moved down a number of lanes.


If you had ignored the person you don’t like and kept your mind away from that crazy driver, no lane changes would have occurred. Furthermore, if you continued avoiding these thoughts, you would actually move up in lanes. This can be likened to your score with the credit bureau: when you don’t do anything “bad” for a while, that score goes up…


Next time, I will delve deeper into this subject with some more sophisticated topics.