Why do so many Jews and Muslims choose repentance and turn away from a former life to begin a new one in obedience to God?
Life grows exponentially more complex as time passes. You may say that today’s children are spoiled, unlike the old generation that had to work hard for everything, but think again. Today’s youth are facing a much harsher and uncertain future than previous generations. Just try to imagine yourself in their shoes…
The other driving force is a loss of purpose. People from all walks of life are confused about their purposes and where they are heading. Many believe that there is much more to our universe than pure science, or what they can actually see and comprehend.
At the other end of the scale is the religious world; I am Jewish, so I will refer to my experiences in this environment. When you listen to a rabbi, he or she will tell you precisely what God is, what God wants of you, and what happens after you die. Since God created the world using instructions that are written in the Torah, they will tell you, everything you will ever need to know is there. They will tell you why everything happens the way it happens, and they will make you believe that they actually know all that… So, for somebody who is kind of lost (and most people are) this sounds very reassuring (I am sure same applies in Islam and to a certain extent in Christianity). So here is a “system” that will make your life clear and reveal to you all that science and what you already know cannot explain:
Let’s use the analogy of riding a bus as compared to driving your own car.
When you drive your own car you make all the decisions: you can turn right, turn left, stop, go straight ahead or turn around. You can decide to travel to a different town, cross borders, go camping, etc. In short, you are the driver and the vehicle is yours. Of course, there are still many responsibilities and expenses involved. The toughest of these being the need to make decisions. Now, with the bus, things are much simpler: you get on, take a seat, and the bus brings you to your destination. BUT: the bus ONLY stops at pre-designated locations. Its route is fixed; this will not change for you or anybody else. Here, you don’t have to think much – the bus will always take you to your ( his ) destination – the driver knows the way perfectly. You may also find somebody to talk to on the bus, so you are not lonely. Sounds very appealing, but you are no longer the driver of your life… Somebody else has taken over.