So you Eat Organic?

Food for a Healthy Body? What About a Healthy Mind?

So, myself, many of my friends, and my family are eating healthy. We buy organic food whenever possible, stay away from GMOs and read the ingredients on every product we buy. But here is an interesting viewpoint on the matter: In my opinion, if one were to consume non-organic foods, and truly believed that what they were eating was organic—they would experience the same benefits as somebody who had been eating the “real thing.” Why?

Because it is our mind that determines what happens to our body.

It’s Not what you eat that makes you sick, it’s what you think!

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Here is a suggestion: bypass the “middleman” and go directly to your mind. Invest at least as much time, effort and money as you do on food on your mind. And, if like most of us, you are on a budget, shift some of what you spend on food into improving your thoughts.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day thinking;
  • Read about things you’ve never delved into before;
  • Try to form your own opinions about firmly entrenched issues;
  • Make new friends (preferably people with a  positive attitude);

Healthy Thinking!