When bad things happen we tend to blame external forces at work.
Case in point: ISRAEL.
Not too many in Israel would blame themselves for the current situation with the Palestinians, and specifically with Hamas. But think again. There are many trees in a forest, and most of them are healthy and well. However, when a tree becomes sick, it will be attacked by all kinds of pests on the outside… The problem is not the pests, it is the weakness of the tree on the inside. A country is no different: when it becomes ill and corrupt from the inside, it will be attacked on the outside. In order to win and repel that attack it must first heal itself internally. Almost all empires collapsed because of internal causes. The United States lost two wars against small and inferior nations, Vietnam and Iraq, because both were initiated on false pretence, and it’s own citizens caused the defeat. Similarly to a human who cannot love others until he starts loving himself, a country cannot live in peace until it makes peace with itself. When the national focus becomes money and efficiency, any enemy with principles and ideology based on strong beliefs will defeat it.