How not to worry and not to get anxious? – Act. The potentials of anxiety and worry are dispersed in action. Idle worry will hang in the air until you start acting actively. The type of activity you are doing may not even have anything in common with the object of worry. Its is enough to start doing something, and you will immediately feel, how your worry is diminishing.

How to reject ones significance? If you have understood everything correctly, this particular question should make you bewildered. Of course, Transurfing doesn’t suggest that you accept your insignificance; rather that you accept your significance as a given. The only problem is that your mind will sense his significance only if the people around you will treat you accordingly. Having taken that into consideration, the secret behind increasing one’s significance is as simple, as it is valid. You just need to reject any actions aimed at increasing your significance.

Study yourself: what do you do, when defending your significance? You demand attention, respect, prove your right, take offence, defend yourself, justify yourself, engage in conflict, show arrogance, scorn, strive towards being first, belittle someone’s dignity, highlight someone’s flaws, show off your virtues and so on. If you gradually reduce to zero all of these attempts to increase your significance, people around you will sense it, subconsciously. Since you are not defending your significance, then it means that is already at a high level. People will immediately start treating you differently. Having sensed that people are treating you with more respect, your mind will automatically acknowledge his significance. If you acknowledge your high signOcance, people around you will immediately agree with you – that is absolutely certain. Hence, you will get what you have rejected.

How to get rid of the feeling of guilt? – Stop justifying yourself. As I have already mentioned. you are the one keeping yourself in the courtroom. You are the one acting prosecutor, lawyer and defendant, and the manipulators are using that. Leave the courtroom, no one can stop you. Those, who have gathered there out of habit to listen to the process, will sit there for a while, and then leave, because there is no defendant. This is and then leave, because there is no defendant. This is how your “case” will gradually get closed. There is no other way to get rid of the feeling of guilt.

How to deal with resentment and indignation? You
wont experience these feelings, if you get rid of the
feeling of guilt and accept your significance. Stop your
struggle and more with the flow. But it could happen
that, while you are moving with the flow, someone grabs
hold of you and tries to pull you against the flow. What
should you do in that case?