The day I managed to get into his mind… And it is EVERYBODY’S business if they reside on Earth.

Every once in a while I go on “mind reading trips” around the world. Not my mind, but the minds of people who have the potential to fundamentally change the world as we know it. Like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: what a mind! His is so unusual that it seems like nobody in the world can figure him out. One thing is clear to me: to date, he is the Muslim leader with the greatest vision since Muhammad. Osama Bin Laden had vision too, but his mind was bent on chasing all the Westerners from Muslim land. Pettiness in comparison to Mr. al-Baghdadi. 

If you thought establishing  a worldwide caliphate was a big undertaking, then keep reading and find out what he is really up to. If you thought ISIS was a passing phenomenon, think again…

An article in The New York Times states that: “The Islamic State emerged from a group of militants in Iraq to take over large portions of Iraq and Syria, and now threatens other countries in Europe and elsewhere.” 

Before I get into the plot, lets look at al-Baghdadi’s background (taken from Wikipedia):

“In 2014, American and Iraqi intelligence analysts said that al-Baghdadi possesses a doctorate in Islamic studies from a university in Baghdad. According to a biography that circulated on jihadist internet forums in July 2013, he obtained a BA, MA and PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad. Another report says that he earned a doctorate in education from the University of Baghdad.”

So here is an obvious question: why would al-Baghdadi try to unite the whole world against his Caliphate, even though they are still fighting for their lives in Iraq and Syria? Bombing a Russian jetliner, and executing Japanese and Chinese hostages doesn’t make much strategic or tactical sense, does it? 

You may say “he believes Allah will sort it out for him.” I don’t think so. He possesses great imagination, but is very practical. So why is he doing it?

The answer, according to my insight, should put the whole world on high alert. Time is running out to stop this plot, and once it goes beyond a certain point it will become unstoppable. 

There are 1.62 billion Muslims in the world. They consist of many diverse branches and it would be impossible to unite them behind the black ISIS flag. But there is another way: al-Baghdadi’s way. You Don’t have to unite the Muslims; instead unite the non-Muslims around the slogan “every terrorist is a Muslim.” 

Once this happens, and many of the non-Muslims in terrorized countries turn against the “Muslim terrorists,” Mr al-Baghdadi will have himself an army of a billion plus without having to expend much energy on recruiting. Many of them will turn to the one who can beat the hated Infidels who turned against them just for being Muslims.

Here is another excerpt  from the New York Times: “Nearly 50 Democrats joined the Republicans in America’s House of Representatives to pass a bill that would make it virtually Impossible for Syrian and Iraqi refugees to enter the country…. Barack Obama had made a moral appeal on the refugees’ behalf, which apparently fell on deaf ears within his own party.”

Many of the refugees that ISIS is pushing into Western countries today will join al-Baghdadi’s army as well; it is just a matter of time. This kind of war inevitably renders all of the advanced weaponry those countries posses completely useless. They cannot use it against enemies who reside amongst them. And Because of this grand strategy, Mr al-Baghdadi doesn’t care how many of his soldiers die. Nobody can kill a billion – not in one lifetime. As long as HE survives,  his revolution will be a success.

How can he be stopped? The answer is not a simple one. The train has unfortunately already left the station. There are two obvious solutions:

One: kill Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I don’t think there are any replacements that can execute his strategy, if anyone else even fully comprehends it.

Two: the world leaders and citizens must realize that when you push people far enough they will push back, and  being ignorant and racist doesn’t solve anything. (e.g. Mr. Trump)

As a side comment, Israel is walking into the same trap, except that there is no Khalif there… For the time being.