the Great King of many nations wished to experience the life and reality of  His subjects.

There were very many nations and people in His kingdom, but he chose only one as His favourite… We will call them The Favoured-Nation.
Beside the Favoured-Nation there were two more nations amongst the many worth mentioning:

The Blue-Nation, who were physically the Most Powerfull, and the Brown-Nation, which was created at a later time by a charismatic leader  who brought together many nomads in the kingdom.

In preparation for his subjects to be without a King present, He introduced many new laws and rules to set a clear path for the future of his subjects. When the King was satisfied He hid his face, dressed like one of the peasants and joined his Favoured-Nation in disguise.
He stayed there for many years changing his appearance and disguise many times so that he could experience all the different aspects of his subject’s lives.

Whilst the King lived amongst the people of the Favoured-Nation and some time after the King left the throne, the Blue-Nation, physically very strong, declared that the King, while still on his throne, pronounced He no longer liked the Favoured-Nation and that from now on the Blue-Nation was His Favoured-Nation.

They murdered one of the spiritual leaders of the Favoured-Nation and then, seeking to rule the world exclaimed that he was incarnated and now possessed the King’s authority. They also made the structure used for torturing and killing him as the holly symbol of a new religion they represented.

As they perpetrated this belief throughout the land, the Blue-Nation ruled humanity for a long time and were set on erasing and eliminating the Favoured-Nation from under the sky…

They destroyed their land, burned down the Holly Temple built for the King, killed very many of the Favoured-Nations’ citizens and exiled the remaining, selling many of them as slaves in their markets. They did this for no good reason except jealousy, hatred and the denial of the Favoured-Nation’s status which they now claimed for themselves.

This went on for very many years. They tortured and butchered the surviving people of the Favoured-Nation who now lived amongst them,
did not allow them to own any land or property whilst trying very hard to convert them to be loyal to the new king-son and their bloodied “holy” symbol.

During this time another nation, the Brown-Nation, who were powerful as well and were led by a very charismatic leader, decided to claim the title of the Favoured-Nation for themselves. They occupied the original land of the Favoured-Nation and started to persecute  the remaining Favoured-Nation’s people who manage to remain on their land.

They  built their temple on the ruins of the original beautiful temple which the Blue-Nation had earlier destroyed.

And the King suffered, cried and endured silently, and REMEMBERED…

Towards the end of the KIng’s hiding there were only a small number of the original Favoured-Nation’s people who miraculously survived all the atrocities.

After many bleak years for the Favoured-Nation, there arouse a very dark and cruel leader amongst the Blue-Nation’s subjects. This leader, with the strong support of a great majority of its allied subjects, decided to eliminate, once and for all the remaining survivors of the Favoured-Nation by killing them all.

He murdered a great many of them to the cheering of the Blue-Nation’s and the Brown-Nation’s people who used this “opportunity” to rob and steal their homes and possessions…

Many years after the King disguised himself as one of his Favoured-Nation subjects, and hence experienced all the despicable atrocities, He decided to return to his King status and re-establish the Kingdom to it’s old hierarchy.

After experiencing and seeing so much suffering and the horrible deeds under the people of the Blue-nation and of late the Brown-Nation, He was now going to make them pay the price for what they have done;
because even now, after so many years, they did not feel any sorrow or remorse  for their evil deeds… 

Since the Brown-Nation started the persecution of the Favoured-Nation just recently,  The King  decided to give them an option to save themselves provided they realize the wrong they have done to the people of the Favoured-Nation and ask them for forgiveness. 

They must also remove their Temple  which was built on the ruins of the original Holly Temple the Favoured-Nation dedicated to the King.

And this is where we are today… At the end of the beginning.