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What is the most precious resource? ( it’s not water)

Lately I here more and more concerns about America losing its way under Obama’s leadership. Russia, China, Iran and other powers are “grabbing” as much as they can while the US is sitting paralyzed and doing nothing. The big question is: What is worth “grabbing” in 2016? When I was a kid, we used to..

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דאעש: מלחמת עולם שלישית – ואחרונה

מפעם לפעם אני יוצא למסע עולמי (וירטואלי)  של קריאת מוחות האנשים שיש ביכולתם לשנות את עולמנו בצורה משמעותית.  הפעם החלטתי להכנס למוחו של מנהיג דאעש, אַבּוּ בַּכְּר אלְ-בַּגְדַאדִיּ. מה שמשך אותי אליו הם מעשיו בשבועות האחרונים; לא היה בהם כל הגיון טקטי או אסטרטגי: הפלת המטוס הרוסי, עריפת ראשו של השבוי הסיני, הנורבגי והיפני, התקפות..

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The coming Revolution

Last night I spotted a rather funny article on a Jewish ultra orthodox site: “The Rebbe of Riminov, (Admor) gave an unequivocal order for Jews to leave and go to Israel, saying that a civil war will break out in the United States of America.” I emailed it to some of my friends just for..

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Turkey and ISIS, a marriage from hell. ( right now only an engagement…)

“Turkey says 49 hostages seized by ISIS have been freed…” The official explanation “sounds a bit too good to be true,” said Sinan Ulgen, a former Turkish diplomat who chairs the Istanbul-based Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies. “There are some very legitimate and unanswered questions about how this happened.” More headlines today: Did..

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Nations, Like Trees, will not stand without internal health and strength.

When bad things happen we tend to blame external forces at work. Case in point: ISRAEL. Not too many in Israel would blame themselves for the current situation with the Palestinians, and specifically with Hamas. But think again. There are many trees in a forest, and most of them are healthy and well. However, when..

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The Palestinian unity deal

This time it is different, and could be very painful for Israel. Right now it looks like any of the past forgotten and failed agreements between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, but it is NOT.  Palestinian Authority President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas finally arrived at the 21st century. He understands now  that “resistance” is much more..

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