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Religion and Me

I am very religious… What does it mean? (to me) It means that I believe in A God, I feel connected to that God, And I KNOW that EVERYTHING that exist is part of that GOD.  BUT: I am very different from other religious beings… How? Because they are trying to stop and freeze time… It..

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Reality Transurfing – Books and Resources

All 5 books are available in this one book called Reality Transurfing Steps 1-5 for $3.99:   thoughts_are_things How We Create Reality – Waking Times – Waking Times Reality Transurfing and-Parallel-Worlds Awakaning Vadim Zeland reality_transurfing_BOOK 1 Whole book-__english_-_vadim_zeland Key to Controlling Reality

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Some text From book 3 of Reality Transurfing – Forward to the Past

How not to worry and not to get anxious? – Act. The potentials of anxiety and worry are dispersed in action. Idle worry will hang in the air until you start acting actively. The type of activity you are doing may not even have anything in common with the object of worry. Its is enough to start doing something, and you will immediately feel, how your worry is diminishing. How to reject ones significance? If you have understood everything correctly, this particular question should..

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Reality Trunsurfing, Vadim Zeland

What is Transurfing? ( Vadim Zeland ) Transurfing is, the Art and Science of knowing and managing one’s own personal choices in life. With this knowledge of how the world around you operates, you will make choices and manage your life, in effortless focused intention. Scientific methods and concepts from the series of books “Reality..

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Navigating life’s lanes.

Navigating life’s lanes. Lanes on the road of life are arranged from best to worst, or top to bottom. We are always in a lane and they are constantly changing. When we are in a good lane, all the lanes surrounding us are also good, so we feel like we are in the “flow.” On the..

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