What is Messiah? And how is the world going to change?

People don’t normally change. I believe that we are born with a certain set of characteristics and we die with them. All the rest is just information, similar to a computer program which may collect and create lots of data, but at its root, stays the same. So how do we make the world a..

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Crossing Life’s Borders

        Crossing  Life’s Borders One needs credentials to cross a border. Every time we face a challenge in life, it is similar to arriving at an international border and needing to cross it. If we try to cross without the proper documents, we will, in the best case, be refused and turned back,..

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Life’s Alarms – auto immune diseases

Life’s Alarms When bad things happen to our body, it is the sound triggered by life’s alarms. The only way to stop that sound is by removing the cause for the alarm… When my second son was growing up, I was involved in a rapidly growing business with all the sacrifices that go with it…..

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So What Is This All About?

The human mind is very similar, in a particular way, to a software program we purchase: Let’s say there are 5 different levels / price points available: If we purchase the very basic one, for the lowest price, and then decide to upgrade to a more advanced version, we do not need to re-load the..

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The Six Day War in Israel. A Miracle?

This article covers my personal analysis of the six day war in Israel. Feel free to state yours below. In three weeks or so it will be the 47th anniversary of the Six-Day War in Israel (time really does fly). While on my daily run I thought: We celebrate Chanukah for a whole week and..

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