How we reveal our blindspots.

Over the years I was told by a number of psychics that I posses the ability to heal. I have been practicing on myself and had great success. So I decided to help an old friend who suffered a debilitating stroke seven years ago which left him paralyzed on one side. Since he never was a “go getter” this situation left him completely passive, accepting his situation with no hope for a change. The first thing I needed to deal with was that “no hope, no initiative” attitude. He developed a weekly routine which he is following almost from the time he got discharged from the hospital: 3 days a week it is the Stroke Club, where they do some physical exercises, games and socializing with other stroke survivors. On the other days he rides the Handy Dart, a transit service for disabled persons, to a shopping mall where he spends about 4 hours doing the same thing for almost seven years! As we started discussing some changes in his routines, I suggested he tries to go to a different mall at least ones a week… take different activities at the Stroke Club and generally try to do things which are “uncomfortable”. So far he has rejected just about all of it… but I expected this. I will deal with it, and WILL make a big change for the better in his situation, on which a progress report I will publish periodically here. The story I wanted to tell you this time is about myself… After that initial meeting  I realized something… For the last number of years I have also became a “routine man”… And I “slipped” into it so comfortably that only  after I made those suggestions to my friend  it dawned on me…  When a person “slips” into this kind of a routine it is all the way to the grave… no more creativity, innovation, or challenges. One does not have to be a stroke survivor to fall into this trap. As of next week, I am going to do at least one new activity every day. Here is another reason: Some time ago I Tweeted a short theory on the subject of “why time passes faster as we age…”  Here it is:

Why Does Time Pass Faster As We Age?

As Einstein said, time is relative… Here is an interesting observation; (no need to travel at the speed of light)

Most of us will agree that time passes more rapidly as we grow older. (unless in prison) Why? When we are young we perform many actions for the first time, and there are less “residuals” and repetitive actions stored in our memory. We have to be “present” most of the time since we did not yet developed the habit to be on “autopilot”. As we get older and start to perform many actions hundred or thousand of times we tend to multitask, performing what we know well automatically without being present. We drive to and from work and don’t remember most of what transpired while driving, as if we weren’t there… The periods of time we spend on autopilot are removed from the “bank” of time we experience as “passing”; as a result time “shrinks” and we don’t live in a 24 hour day anymore…

So take home whatever work for you….