Who is Shlomo?


I am an accomplished entrepreneur turned into a  philosopher… With extensive knowledge of the Bible, Kabbalah and the metaphysical… ( all that’s hidden from us)

I write mostly  about ideas and issues in a way that’s unique and original.

So this is me, my three sons, Benjie, Daniel, and Erik. At the top from left: Stephanie, Daniel’s partner, Yolanda; my second wife, Shifra; my first wife and Brian, Shifra’s husband.

There is a teaching in the Kabbalah that describes the evolution of a typical human:

First, we want the basics: Shelter, Food, and Sex.

Then we realize there is more to life…we have a new desire; Money

If I just had Money… It provides us with the basics and so much more.

But then we are still not fulfilled…still, something is missing…  We desire Power.

And then we still have no Peace…so we set out to acquire Knowledge,

But we are still not content….  WHAT IS MISSING?

This is what Analysis Of Existence will try to accomplish:

clarify why we are here, Who started the whole thing, for what purpose, and ultimately, where are we going from here? 

You can see my entrepreneurial (Previous life) profile on Linkedin.com. )