The Great King of many nations wished to experience the life and reality of  His subjects, but to FULLY immerse Himself in the experience, He had to FORGET who He was.

Many nations and people lived in His kingdom, but he favoured only one; we will call them The Favoured Nation.
Besides the Favoured Nation, there were two other nations among the many that are worth mentioning: The Blue Nation, which was physically the strongest, and the Brown Nation, which was created at a later time by a charismatic leader who brought together many nomads from the kingdom under the flag of a new religion.

In preparation for his subjects to be without a King, He introduced many new laws and commandments to set a clear path for the future of his subjects of which He was going to become a part.
He also recited a poem called “Listen the heavens and the earth,” which would serve as an embedded reminder for the end of days.
Before leaving, He planted a hidden trigger in the form of a secret known only to Him and set it as a “trigger” so that when His subjects become wise enough in the distant future and discover it, it would immediately remind the King who He is.
When everything was done to his satisfaction, the King hid his face, dressed like one of the peasants, and joined his Favoured Nation.
He lived there for many years, changing his appearance in every generation to experience all the different aspects of his subjects’ lives.

While the King lived amongst the people of the Favoured Nation and sometime after He left His palace, the Blue Nation, physically the strongest, murdered one of the great spiritual leaders of the Favoured Nation. Seeking to rule the kingdom, it exclaimed that he was reincarnated and now possessed the King’s authority. They also adopted the structure used for torturing and killing this man as the “holy symbol of a new religion” they created. They pronounced that the King declared, through this re-incarnated Messiah, He no longer liked the Favoured Nation and that from now on, the Blue Nation was His most Favoured Nation.

As they perpetrated this lie throughout the land, the Blue Nation ruled the kingdom for a long time. All the while, they did everything in their power to erase and eliminate the Favoured Nation’s people from under the sun, unaware the King was One of them…

They destroyed their land, burned down the Holy Temple built for the King, killed many, and exiled the remaining, selling many of them as slaves in their markets. They did this for no good reason except jealousy, hatred, and the denial of the Favoured Nation’s status, which they now claimed for themselves.

This went on for very many years. They tortured and butchered the surviving people of the Favoured Nation who now lived amongst them. They did not allow them to own any land or property while trying very hard to convert them to be loyal to the new false king and the bloodied “holy” symbol.

During this time, another nation, the Brown Nation, now very strong and led by a very charismatic leader, decided to claim the title of the Favoured Nation for themselves. They battled the Blue Nation, occupied the original land of the Favoured Nation, and started to persecute the remaining Favoured Nation’s people who managed to stay on their land.

They built a temple dedicated to their new religion on the ruins of the original temple, which the Blue-Nation had earlier destroyed.

All the while, the King suffered with his people and endured everything as one of them, unaware of who He was.
By now, only a small number of the Favoured Nation’s people miraculously survived all the atrocities of the Blue and Brown nations.

After many bleak years for those survivors of the Favoured Nation, a very dark and cruel leader arose in the Blue Nation. With solid support from his subjects, this leader decided to eliminate, once and for all, the remaining survivors of the Favoured Nation by killing them all.

He murdered a great many of them to the cheering of the Blue Nation’s and the Brown Nation’s people, who used this “opportunity” to rob and steal their homes and possessions…

Many years after the King disguised himself as one of his Favoured Nation subjects and hence experienced all the despicable atrocities, one of his subjects, a wise man from the Favoured Nation, discovered the secret knowledge that the King hid in plain sight before He went into hiding. After seeing and experiencing so much suffering and terrible deeds under the people of the Blue Nation and later the Brown Nation, He was almost ready to fulfill his old promises written in the ancient poem called “Listen the heavens and the earth” that was given to the Favoured Nation and make the soulless people who committed those atrocities pay for what they have done. Sadly, even now, after so many years, they do not feel remorse for their evil deeds… 
Now that He remembered who He was, He decided to establish a new Kingdom based on very different laws and rules, and only the people capable of living under such a system will prevail. 

And this is where we are today, at the end of the beginning.