The King and the Nations: A modern day prophecy.

The Great King of many nations wished to experience the life and reality of  His subjects, but in order to FULLY immerse Himself in the experience, He had to FORGET who He was. There were many nations and people in His kingdom, but he chose only one as His favourite; we will call them The..

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A short, metaphoric summary of the book.

From Nothingness To Infinity (and Everything In Between)What Science doesn’t know and the Holly Book did not want to tell you… We have been here for many thousands of years, but never figured out where we are, or why… Until now. What is Nothingness? This cannot be asked, because nothingness is not, but I will..

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From Nothingness To Infinity and Everything In Between: Preface

We have been here for many thousands of years, but never figured out where we are, or why… Until now.What is Nothingness? This cannot be asked, because nothingness IS NOT, but I will answer it anyway….You cannot imagine nothingness because In our realm, everything IS. So what do you do when you are a Consciousness..

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.המלך והעמים – נבואה מודרנית

המלך הגדול והנערץ, שמלך על עמים רבים ומגוונים, רצה להתנסות בחיי הנתינים הפשוטים בממלכתו. למרות שהיו עמים רבים מאד בממלכה הוא החליט להצטרף דווקא לעם האהוב עליו ביותר, שהיה גם הקטן ביותר. אנו נקרא לו כאן ״האומה האהובה״. בממלכה היו שני עמים נוספים החשובים לסיפורנו: ״האומה הכחולה״, או הכחולים, שהייתה החזקה ביותר ו״עם המדבר״, שגובש על ידי מנהיג כריזמטי מאנשי המדבר..

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You and Me: Changing the world

Understanding The DreamPlot lineHiding the DreamDefining RealityThe Line of LimitationThe Transmission – How Reality is createdWhat Controls the Creation of RealityRemoving the Line of limitation How I am going to change the world, and how you can too. I’m going to change the world, in a very profound way. And I’m going to change one..

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What is moral and ethical?

Recently I saw an interview with the Dali Lama where is says that President Trump has ‘lack of moral principle’. Definition of Ethical: “For someone who is honest and follows good moral standards, use the adjective ethical. … Ethical comes from the Greek ethos “moral character” and describes a person or behaviour as right in the moral sense..

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What is the most precious resource? (it’s not water)

Lately I hear more and more concerns about America losing its way under Obama’s leadership. Russia, China, Iran and other powers are “grabbing” as much as they can while the US is sitting paralyzed and doing nothing. The big question is: What is worth “grabbing” in 2016? When I was a kid, we used to..

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Religion and Me

I am very religious… What does it mean? (to me) It means that I believe in A God, I feel connected to that God, And I KNOW that EVERYTHING that exist is part of that GOD.  BUT: I am very different from other religious beings… How? Because they are trying to stop and freeze time… It..

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על אלהים ואמונתנו בו

הבחנה מעניינת: דור המדבר, שחי הכי קרוב לאלהים, ושחזה בניסים אדירים, לא האמין בו!  אנו קוראים בתורה כי בני ישראל, כמעט בכל המקרים שבהם נתקלו בקשיים רצו לחזור למצרים… וכשמשה עלה להר לארבעים יום עשו להם אל מזהב… וכשהמרגלים חזרו וסיפרו שעלולים להיות קשיים בכיבוש הארץ ויתרו מייד על הרעיון של ארץ זבת חלב ודבש…לעומת זאת,..

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Believing in God, Then and Now. “I will be what I will be”

An interesting observation, and my interpretation of it: The generation who lived with God on a daily basis after the exodus from Egypt and experienced His overwhelming miracles did not believe in God (as evidenced by the golden calf, etc.). But later generations, who haven’t had any physical interaction with God, believe so strongly that..

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