Understanding The Dream
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Hiding the Dream
Defining Reality
The Line of Limitation
The Transmission – How Reality is created
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How I am going to change the world, and how you can too.

I’m going to change the world, in a very profound way. And I’m going to change one person at a time starting with you.
Since I was young I saw that not everything happens the way it’s supposed to happen, the way I was led to believe it happens. I realized that there was the “beyond” and once in a while I would get a glimpse of that beyond. It took many years to understand and know what is beyond. This is what I’d like to share with you.
You may be wondering how I’m going to change the world. It will fundamentally be by changing the way people think. By changing the way people think, because thoughts create reality. More on this later.

Understanding The Dream
Occam’s razor Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the one that requires the smallest number of assumptions is usually correct. Another way of saying it, is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation.
Hence the answer to the existential WHY, lies very much on the surface, and it’s very simple. I intend to show you a world that you never imagined.
This knowledge has come to me in two ways. Firstly by observation of what’s going on, and secondly by looking at reality through the lens of that who created it, the Source. If Source created this with us in it, it means that we on a very small scale think and comprehend like the source.
It is my understanding that we are within a dream and it is Source who is dreaming. There is nothing material that exists if you can pull yourself out of this reality and here lies the truth of Occam’s razor. If you look at the dream world from the outside, there’s nothing there, as it only exists through your subjective perception of it. Once you grasp this foundational concept you open up to a world of creation.

Principles for Hiding the dream
In order for Source to hide the fact that this is a dream, it had to ensure that we were excluded from this knowledge.
If we noticed it was a dream, then we could not participate in this “project”.
When you are “in” nothingness (in no matter) you CANNOT create matter, even if you are the Source.
Let me explain, by going back to the first instance of creation, when matter was created, or more precisely when the “dream” started:
We looked into the skies and saw the limits being the sky and immediate stars. As we became more intelligent, expanded our knowledge and develop instruments to see further in a material way, Source had to keep hiding the fact that it is a dream. Hence there had to have existed the concept of Infinity. Since it is now expanding faster than the speed of light, man can never recognize that it is a dream.
There are in fact four boundaries that we can never cross: the infinity of space and the infinity of the small, the particles as we know them, the boundary of birth and that of death. These boundaries keep us in our limited, material reality. However, once you realize that they cannot exist, it will change the way you understand and think. You will realize that our reality is NOT limited.
This I will prove over the course of this dialogue.

Defining Reality
Reality is “private”. There is no concept of parallel realities or dimensions other than the present one you are experiencing. The only reality that exists (for you) in any given moment is the one you are experiencing. This is made manifest by your imagination. Reality is subjective and is experienced from the moment of birth to the moment of death.
Two people, regardless of how close, will not experience the same reality. They will have a different perception of reality which means there are no two people perceiving the same reality.

The Transmission – How Reality is Created
Reality is created by us transmitting information to the beyond, or more specifically to the Collective Consciousness. You send it from your mind and your heart in the “background”, so you are not aware of it.
This transmission is happening all the time. At every moment you send your request for reality. This transmission is a continuous process and Source responds continuously. It is a two-way transmission, in which you send the thought request and Source send you the reality you experience moment to moment. When Source stops sending you the reality you experience, you die.
There are some occurrences during your life, where you stop sending the transmission request. This may be due to trauma, terror or other reasons, during which you stop the transmission and what happens, because you are still alive you continue to receive the transmission of reality from Source. At this point it is one-way and it is in Flow. It is determined by the Source and at this point it is what could be termed Perfection. During this one way transmission from Source, the best possible outcome will be created for you. “Out Of Body” experience happens on those occasions.

The Line of Limitation
In our reality we have established a metaphorical horizontal line, which represents our threshold of what we consider to be within the boundary of our ability to create. For example, below that line reside all the tasks we can perform with the certainty that they will move to closure. For example we decide to make a cup of coffee and go ahead and do so, or buy groceries, or a plane ticket. These activities are all within what we consider “normal” activities and reside UNDER the line of limitations.
On the other hand, If we decide to do something that is outside the bounds of what we believe we can do, it resides ABOVE the line of limitations.
We don’t believe we can bend a spoon, walk through walls or fly like birds. Anything that you don’t believe you can do or cannot convince your sub-conscious that you are able to do will be above the line, outside the bounds of your ability.
The moment you convince your subconscious you are able to do it, it transcends the metaphorical line and moves UNDER it to become a normal act of creation for you.
In truth the metaphorical line does not exist.
It is in fact an imaginary line. In your reality you can do almost anything (with the exception of the rules of the universe that are designed to protect the “dream”.) You are able to do anything because reality is malleable.

Ignoring the line of limitation
The Line of limitation as explained is an imaginary one, which hinders your ability to create. There are two requirements to removing the limitation.
You need to convince your subconscious that it is actually possible for you to create the thing you want, and secondly you have to feel comfortable being in the reality you want to create.
It s also important to recognize that not everything happens instantly and there maybe a transition time.

What Controls the Creation of reality
The fundamental question is what creates reality or what is input into the transmission to Source to create reality. The short answer is your thoughts. Today’s reality is a manifestation of the thoughts you had yesterday, and tomorrow’s reality is created by you today.
The problem however lies in the fact that you do not control your thoughts. Your thoughts are on “auto pilot” and it’s difficult if not impossible to control your thoughts. So the next question is, what creates your thoughts, and the answer is your personality. The quantum model of reality tells us that to change our lives we must fundamentally change the way we think, act and feel.

To learn more an hoe to change you personality, which is your “destiny” in this dream, watch my videos at www.youtube.com/c/shlomofriedman and check here for new articles.