The coming Revolution

Last night I spotted a rather funny article on a Jewish ultra orthodox site:

“The Rebbe of Riminov, (Admor) gave an unequivocal order for Jews to leave and go to Israel, saying that a civil war will break out in the United States of America.”

I emailed it to some of my friends just for laughs… I thought it was funny… But this morning, on my daily climb up the mountain, I realized that this is no joke, and here are my thoughts on a possible scenario.

When you corner an animal and make it feel as though it has no options, it will attack you, regardless of its size or chance of success. Humans are no different. The disparity that’s been created in the world, and the ubiquitous open access to the Internet has created a situation where the “underprivileged” at the bottom of the ladder can “almost” touch the ones at the top, but just almost. When one individual, who lives in the same country, or maybe just a few miles away, spends one-hundred million dollars for an apartment, and you live under the bridge, a class of people is created who are without much hope and very little to lose. It always happens that when the pressure raises enough it will cause an explosion. Currently, as young people join ISIS, we can see the first warning signs, but it is not viewed in that context. These individuals view Islam as a system that does not grant power for money, which also means you don’t have to compete against other individuals who are “smarter” than you. As long as you swear allegiance to ISIS and convert to Islam you are an equal among your peers. This is similar to what communism offered at the beginning of the twentieth century. It gained tremendous power and exists to this day. As the disparity grows, so does the pressure, and any spark will be sufficient to start a chain-reaction.

In the Bolshevik revolution the royal family was the “lightning rod” for the masses, followed by the rich. Many Jews are rich and are perceived as controlling governments and big banks… ( I like to tell the joke: What is a Jewish piano? A cash register…) So what the rabbi of Riminov said is not that far fetched… Think of this; the police could not control the riots in Ferguson, can they manage one on a national scale?

Lets not kid ourselves; as the earth goes through cycles, ice, flooding, warming etc. so do its inhabitants. The big difference is that humans are intelligent; the question is are they going to use it or pursue narrow goals of power and money?

Coming next: How is Israel, surrounded by 21 hostile countries with over 100 million Muslims, safe?

After that: What, in my opinion, can prevent this scenario from happening and going worldwide?