From Slavery to Partnership

This week we are celebrating the holiday of  Pesach. (Passover) We will be reading the Haggadah ( a Jewish text that sets forth the order of the Passover Seder)  and going back in time to the exodus from slavery in Egypt. But did we really ever become free? Think… God freed us from being slaves to the Pharaoh in Egypt only to make us slaves to God. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since it became our “basic training” as human beings and the supreme forms of life in the universe. It was also required in order to bring us to the “Messianic” era. Yes, I speak in present tense because I believe we have arrived at that era. What is the meaning of Messiah? Here is what I think: In the army, when new recruits go through basic training, the commanders are perceived as superior human beings and the recruits just follow their orders without questioning or understanding the reasoning behind those orders. They may speculate amongst themselves and come up with different theories, but that’s it. When they graduate and go up in the ranks they can communicate with those commanders as equals, and then understand the reasoning behind their behaviour during the training. We may not become equals with God, but we will understand His reasoning for what we went through. That reasoning is very different from what we speculated or perceived.  I call it “From Slavery to Partnership.”  This is the meaning of “Messianic Times.” The Messiah is not a messenger of God; he is a product of  today’s advanced society. He will not represent God to humans; he will represent humans in front of God. He will open our eyes to see reality for what it really is, which we could not see on our own.  This time around, God is not going to free us, we must free ourselves. It is not going to be easy; the enslavement to God is so engraved in our minds and souls that only a new, very powerful engraving will enable us to go free. That new engraving is the Messiah.

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