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From Slavery To Partnership. (with God)

From Slavery to Partnership This week we are celebrating the holiday of  Pesach. (Passover) We will be reading the Haggadah ( a Jewish text that sets forth the order of the Passover Seder)  and going back in time to the exodus from slavery in Egypt. But did we really ever become free? Think… God freed us..

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המהפכה הבאה עלינו לרעה

אתמול קראתי בחדרי חדרים, אתר חדשות לאורטודוקסים, שהאדמו”ר מרימינוב, שביקר בפלורידה בקהילות המורכבות מיהודי דרום אמריקה ומהגרים מצרפת, נתן הוראה חד משמעית ליהודים לעזוב ולעלות לארץ וטען כי תפרוץ מלחמת אזרחים בארה”ב. האדמו”ר אמר: “תעזבו כל זמן שעוד ניתן. המצב יחמיר ויהיה קשה לנוע ממדינה למדינה…״  צחקתי ושלחתי את המאמר לכמה חברים כבדיחה… הבוקר, בטיפוס..

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The coming Revolution

Last night I spotted a rather funny article on a Jewish ultra orthodox site: “The Rebbe of Riminov, (Admor) gave an unequivocal order for Jews to leave and go to Israel, saying that a civil war will break out in the United States of America.” I emailed it to some of my friends just for..

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The difference between How and Why.

We, humans, are all different, just like snowflakes. As there are no two humans with identical fingerprints, there are no two humans with identical minds. So how is my mind different? I’m a self taught philosopher… And my goal is to find the “why” rather than “how”… Scientists are working to explain, scientifically, how our universe works…

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How we reveal our blindspots.

Over the years I was told by a number of psychics that I posses the ability to heal. I have been practicing on myself and had great success. So I decided to help an old friend who suffered a debilitating stroke seven years ago which left him paralyzed on one side. Since he never was..

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Turkey and ISIS, a marriage from hell. ( right now only an engagement…)

“Turkey says 49 hostages seized by ISIS have been freed…” The official explanation “sounds a bit too good to be true,” said Sinan Ulgen, a former Turkish diplomat who chairs the Istanbul-based Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies. “There are some very legitimate and unanswered questions about how this happened.” More headlines today: Did..

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Food for a Healthy Body? What About a Healthy Mind?

So you Eat Organic? Food for a Healthy Body? What About a Healthy Mind? So, myself, many of my friends, and my family are eating healthy. We buy organic food whenever possible, stay away from GMOs and read the ingredients on every product we buy. But here is an interesting viewpoint on the matter: In..

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What Drives So Many to Repentance?

Why do so many Jews and Muslims choose repentance and turn away from a former life to begin a new one in obedience to God? Life grows exponentially more complex as time passes. You may say that today’s children are spoiled, unlike the old generation that had to work hard for everything, but think again…

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Why did The Donkey see The Angel? Parashat Balak.

Parashat Balak פרשת בלק If you wake up and repeat yesterday, nothing will change, and that includes the ( not ) coming of the messiah. So we have to come up with new ideas and interpretations every day. Today I want to talk about souls and animals, and I will make the connection to parashat..

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